Previews! (Sept. 2014)

Here are some thoughts about this month’s Previews catalog for product shipping mostly in November.

Dark Horse

  • I almost preordered Ressurectionists, but it seemed too similar to Five Ghosts. I’m probably wrong about that. Let me know if it turns out and if I should buy the trade.
  • This whole Itty Bitty thing is turning into a franchise for Art and Franco with the latest offering: The Mask. It’s listed as an ongoing? Interesting.
  • The Eye of Newt hard cover is offered, but I’m waiting for the tpb, and I will be asking my wife to read it because I think she’ll enjoy it based only on the issue descriptions. And it looks gorgeous.


  • DC leads off with Ray Fawkes and Ben Templesmith’s Gotham by Midnight. Yes, it’s another Batmanish book, but it promises to examine the dark and magical side of Gotham, with cool Templesmith art. In fact, I didn’t even finish reading the description and decided to preorder this because of Templesmith’s involvement. Hopefully, he’ll stay on it longer than he did Ten Grand.
  • Will you be getting the Finch’s take on Wonder Woman? I almost went for it, but decided to cut back by one more book this month.
  • There’s another Multiversity book, Pax Americana, featuring the former Quality characters.
  • One of my favorite DC writers, Peter Tomasi, is taking over Superman/Wonder Woman, along with Doug Mahnke. I really have to question if Doug is the right fit for this book, but I guess we’ll see. Also, while Tomasi has been KILLING it on Batman and Robin, Charles Soule did such a great job with the Supers/WW relationship, it will be hard to see that go.
  • Speaking of Batman and Robin, what a very cool Robin-centric cover #36 has!
  • I’m not a fan of the Batman ’66 titles, but when you combine that concept with a story by Harlan Ellison, I have be interested. When you put Jose Luis Garcia Lopez on the art of Batman ’66: The Lost Episode, it becomes a must buy.
  • I bought the next Showcase Presents: The Legion of Super-Heroes v5 trade only because I can then easily read issues that I already have. I still need to buy v3 & v4, though.


  • One of the most underrated books on the stands gets a relaunch and title change: Mighty Avengers is now preceded by Captain America and the, featuring the former Falcon as Cap. While the artist has changed, we still get the wonderfully witty writing of Al Ewing. I just hope the tone and momentum don’t change with this relaunch.
  • While Greg Land left Mighty Avengers, he (ahem) lands on Spider-Woman. Wait, that didn’t sound right…. Anyway, I’ll be getting this new series.
  • I won’t be getting it, but for Howard the Duck fans, there’s a new omnibus hard cover. Over 800 pages for $100.


  • There are several new series debuting in November (some of which were talked about in episode 72 of the podcast), including Ody-C, Tooth & Claw, and Intersect. I may pick up the last title in trade if I hear good things about it.
  • Savage Dragon reaches #200. I’ve never read an issue.
  • Saga fans rejoice! The deluxe hard cover volume one is here! Also, the first The Wicked + Divine tpb.
  • I ordered v20 of Invincible. Based on what I’ve gleaned from the Internet, it may be my last in the series. Ditto on The Walking Dead v22.
  • I am so looking forward to reading Rat Queens v2 tpb. That first trade was so much fun.
  • It’s not for me, but I think that it’s so cool that there’s a Velvet t-shirt available. Speaking of this great series, #10 starts a new arc, so jump on NOW and become a Velveteer!

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