New Comics Wednesday 8/27/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, plus the best comic that I read recently!


New Comics this week

The final five comics listed below are ones that I’m really looking forward to reading from this week.

  • ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #16: The penultimate issue. I wonder if this will get the Super Spectacular treatment like Legends of the Dark Knight did? Also, for some reason, I thought this series was ending numerically before LotDK did, but not counting the Super Spectaculars, LotDK only went 13 issues.
  • AQUAMAN #34: My last issue. This book is falling prey to my pet peeve of the DCU: plot/action over character development.
  • BODIES #2: I still haven’t read #1!
  • NEW 52 FUTURES END #17
  • SECRET ORIGINS #5: Didn’t we already see Cyborg’s origin in Justice League? And Red Hood–do I have to read it? ;)
  • SINESTRO #5: My final issue. Since Sinestro stopped being an unwilling Green Lantern, I haven’t enjoyed the character that much. What DC needs to do is an Odd Couple type book starring Sinestro and Hal.
  • SUPERMAN #34: While I’m not loving the art, at least this Superman book isn’t being bogged down by the Superdoom storyline.
  • REVIVAL #23
  • SAGA #22
  • AVENGERS #34
  • LETTER 44 #9
  • SIXTH GUN #42

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

Best Comic I Read Recently

SIP Kids #1 by Terry Moore (story and art) and Steve Hamaker (color).

This was just so much fun to read. Not only do we get all those great SiP characters as children, they’re (and the story) is done in a very Peanuts way, but still touching on what makes these characters unique. Plus, there’s a cameo of kid versions from Rachel Rising! I had hoped that we get a sequel to this, and Terry Moore has already announced that issue 2 will arrive in December!

Runner Up: Star Trek: New Visions: “Time’s Echo” was going to be my pick this week, but then I read SIP Kids. I am totally digging this photonovel series by John Byrne. For fans of Star Trek: TOS, these comics are the next best thing to actual episodes. Byrne takes imagery from the series and creates new stories for us. Sometimes the effort isn’t quite up to snuff (some images look overly photoshopped and forced, for example), but you know what? That still works! Why? Because TOS was cheesy in its own way and often overreaching, so whether intentional or not, the fumetti version fits right in. The shorter story at the end of this issue is even somewhat poignant, and answers why Janice Rand was no longer on the Enterprise. Good stuff.

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