RandoMonday: Justice #5

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Justice #5 by Jim Krueger and Alex Ross (story), Jim Krueger (script), Doug Braithwaite and Alex Ross (art), Todd Klein (lettering), Michael Wright (assoc. editor), Joey Cavalieri (editor), and Alex Ross (cover)

This is a series that I must reread. I remember thinking at the time that this bimonthly series was coming out that either I had missed something important about the plot or that the story was seriously flawed because I was confused along the way. Granted, the title was filled with the pretty pictures by Misters Ross and Braithwaite, so I was enjoying that aspect of it regardless.

The Justice League is still reeling from the attacks by the super-villains in previous issues, especially Superman, who is rescued (for the moment) by Captain Marvel. Of course Superman gets to return the favor by rescuing Billy Batson from a mind-controlled Alfred holding a batarang to Billy’s throat–that was kind of chilling. Also spine-tingling was the brief, one-page appearance by Green Lantern, who is lost in an unknown part of the universe. He asks his ring for ways to get himself home, and when the ring is of no help, he asks it, “How much longer before your charge runs out and I die?”

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