RandoMonday: Miracleman #16

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Miracleman #16 by Alan Moore (or, if you prefer, the Original Writer), John Totleben (artist and cover), Sam Parsons (colorist), Wayne Truman (letterer), and Letitia Glozer (editor)

Alan Moore’s last issue of this groundbreaking and influential series. This title blew my 16-year-old mind when I first started reading it in 1985. I recall that the guy who ran the comic shop recommended it to me and my friends, so I picked #1 off the shelf and WOW! Over four years later, we got the end of Moore’s run on the title (Neil Gaiman would take over the following issue) and the end of the Olympus arc. For anyone who ever wondered what kind of impact that the presence of superpowered beings would have on our world, this story explored it. After having defeated the psychopath Kid Miracleman in the previous issue, Miracleman and his allies essentially take over the Earth, resulting in very drastic changes. And then there’s the six-page sex scene (good thing the book was 34 pages), beautifully and tastefully rendered by Totleben and Parsons. But this being Alan Moore, he punches you in the gut with a heart-rending scene between Miracleman and his human wife, Liz.

Given that Marvel now is reprinting this series, I highly recommend that you at least pick up the trades if you haven’t read it. And I look forward to Gaiman returning to the title to finish the story that he started 24 years ago.

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