RandoMonday: Lucifer #41

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Lucifer #41 by Mike Carey (writer), David Hahn (guest artist), Daniel Vozzo (color and separations), Comicraft (letters), Mariah Huehner (asst. editor), Shelly Bond (editor), and Christopher Moeller (cover painter)

This is an end to a story, and a beginning for two characters. Lucifer arrives in the world that he made, and releases Elaine Belloc and her friend, Mona. They are spirits, but because Lucifer doesn’t like to be in anyone’s debt, he grants a boon to Elaine: he will restore them to their human bodies or they can start over as new people. The girls decide that they’d like a trial period in their old duds before deciding, so Lucifer, begrudgingly, grants them this desire. The rest of the issue shows Elaine interacting with one of her school chums and the creature that tried to kill her. Mona, however, is caught trying to steal music CDs but escapes custody by leaping out of a window, killing herself. In the end, both decide to become watchful spirits over Lucifer’s world (in Mona’s case, hedgehogs only), earning them the name Sisters of Mercy by that world’s centaurs.

I honestly don’t recall the story that preceded this tale (it was over ten years ago), but this was a cute little story drawn simply but nicely by Mr. Hahn. I always really liked Elaine Belloc as I recall, so any focus on her was welcome. This is not the end of Elaine’s story in this series, but it sure seemed like it at the time. Do yourself a favor and pick up this series in trade–Vertigo have been releasing new trade editions, and solicited Book 4, collecting the final issues, for release in August.

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