RandoMonday: The Unwritten #10

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

The Unwritten #9 by Mike Carey (writer), Peter Gross (artist), Jimmy Broxton (finishes), Chris Chuckry (colors), Todd Klein (letters), Pornsak-Pichetshote (editor), and Yuko Shimizu (cover)

This issue opens with Tom, Lizzie, & Savoy going through a door from last issue and ending up in the echo of Stuttgart, Germany of 1940. They traipse about unable to interact with their surroundings or move on to another location (through the use of a magic doorknob that got them to their current location). Lizzie goes off to figure some things out. Meanwhile, the boys encounter an echo of a German military officer who can see them. In usual Tom Taylor fashion, he throws caution to the wind and converses with the officer, who is appearing more and more real/solid as they speak, until the cliffhanger ending when the officer shoots Tom in the chest, blood coming from the wounds, and then points the gun to Tom’s head.

This is the start of the story where Tom is finally starting to accept magic and discovering his place in this world, but of course, he mucks everything up as he goes along. But that’s part of the fun of this series. Carey and Gross also know how to tell an interesting story, and keep you reading with cliffhangers like this. If you haven’t read The Unwritten, which is a story about stories (for more on that, you can listen to my thoughts on The Unwritten OGN, Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice).

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