RandoMonday: Star Trek (1989) #25

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Star Trek (1989) #25 by Howard Weinstein (writer), Gordon Purcell (penciller), Arne Starr (inker), Bob Pinaha (letterer), Tom McCraw (colorist), Robert Greenberger (editor), and Jerome K. Moore (cover)

This issue is 23 years old and I haven’t read it in that long, so when I saw the cover again, I thought the blonde woman whom Kirk is holding hands was Doctor Gillian Taylor from Star Trek IV as a sort of follow up to that story. But no. This issue centers around the crew of the Enterprise spending an inordinate amount of time wondering why Kirk wasn’t going to the Starfleet reunion or talking to him about why he wasn’t going. (Spoiler! He goes.) Before everyone heads to festivities, Checkov’s cousin shows up to do a medical internship, and apparently to start to fall for Sulu. At the reunion, Kirk runs into Captain Styles, who is still an ass (he snickers when someone refers to Kirk as Admiral), and while trying to get away from Styles, Kirk literally runs into Saavik, whom we discover is waiting for reassignment. Finally, Kirk is reintroduced to Victoria Leigh-Kegin, an old academy friend (yes, just a friend) who wants Kirk’s help in finding out who killed her husband, a nobleman from the planet Pilkor, who named Kirk as his sole heir, leaving Kirk all of his possessions, which also includes Victoria. Cue wide-eyed expression from Kirk.

Speaking of the art, I really liked Purcell’s and Starr’s work on this title. They make the characters look like the actors without resorting to some Photoshop trickery that seems to be so prominent in the IDW series. Overall, this was enjoyable to read again, and now I want to read the next issue to see what happens.

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