New Comics Wednesday 6/18/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, plus Previews!

New Comics this week

  • ALEX + ADA #7: I recently read on Twitter that this will maybe be a 12-issue (?) series. Regardless of how long it will last, it has been a very good read. I’m so glad I’m getting this monthly.
  • AVENGERS #31
  • BATMAN AND RA’S AL GHUL #32: I kind of think that Batman isn’t really teaming up with Ra’s, but then this series constantly surprises me at how good it has been since the New 52 launched. Seriously, it has been one of the most consistently good titles in the New 52 line up.
  • BUFFY SEASON 10 #4
  • FATALE #23: The penultimate issue. What a lot of fun this series has been, but then, it is by Brubaker and Phillips, so duh. :)
  • SEX CRIMINALS #6: I made good on my promise (made in Episode 68 of the podcast) to add Sex Criminals to my monthly pull after reading the delightful first trade.
  • TRANSLUCID #3: I just read issue #2 and am liking this story more and more.
  • WICKED & DIVINE #1: Oh, this is my pick of the week! I cannot wait to read this series!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.


Here are some thoughts about this month’s Previews catalog.

Dark Horse

  • I’m not getting this, but Dark Horse Presents is getting a revamp with a new #1, 48 pages, and a slightly less expensive cover price of $4.99.
  • Based on the advanced solicits for next month, it looks like my relationship with the Buffyverse is coming to an end with issues 5 and 6 of Angel and Faith and Buffy, respectively. It’s not that the series’ are bad, but I guess I’m just not that interested any more.
  • Sundowners by Tim Seeley and Jim Terry seems like it could be interesting, but I think I’ll wait for a trade. Also, Tim Seeley sure is getting a lot of work recently, which is really cool.
  • Speaking of cool, Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard have teamed up again with Dark Ages, a four-issue series set in medieval times. I loved their collaboration on Vertigo’s New Deadwardians, so I have to get this.


  • Marvel celebrates its 75th anniversary with a magazine (96 pages for free, or if you want the special version, it’ll cost you $9.99).
  • Original Sin comes to a close with issue 8, the “final judgement”. Thems a lot of Watchers on the cover. Anyone else getting a Guardians (as in from Oa) vibe from this?
  • The Superior Spider-Man is back?! I thought issue 31 was the last of this series (it was solicited as the series finale)? And we are told that the road to Spider-Verse starts here with issue #32.
  • Warren Ellis’ and Declan Shalvey’s run on Moon Knight comes to an end with #6, and so does my association with the series.
  • This is interesting: Marvel is collecting votes for favorite comic issue of the last 75 years which it will then republish in an oversized, 1200-page hardcover. Though solicited this month, it will be published in November. Get your votes in now!


  • MULTIVERSITY has arrived!!! I cannot wait for this series from Grant Morrison and Ivan Reis.
  • A series that I thought started out somewhat strong at the New 52 launch limps to an ending with Worlds’ Finest #26.
  • My relationship with Green Lantern comes to an end with #34. It’s been a great and long ride with Hal Jordan and company. But after the New 52 launch, and the focus on Sinestro ended, the series began a slow slide downward for me.
  • Wonder Woman FINALLY gets a second series with the print version of the digital first Sensation Comics. I can’t wait to read this.
  • Arkham Asylum gets a 25th anniversary hardcover and trade edition. 25 years?! I remember how much this story blew my mind–both in story and art–back in 1989. If you haven’t read it, do yourself a favor and pick this up.
  • Old school Legion of Super-Heroes gets another trade collection that will include issues #297-313 and Annuals #2-3. Given my love of this series, I will have to buy this.
  • Speaking of love for an old series, DC’s giving us a New Teen Titans trade that collects the Titans first appearance from DC Comics Presents #26 and issues of #1-8 of the regular title. Why couldn’t DC have done this years ago before I sunk all that money into the omnibuses?
  • DC does give me what I want in a deluxe edition hardcover of Frank Miller’s Ronin. Talk about another mind-blower series. I was planning to get the Absolute edition, but I’d rather have this.
  • Finally, Vertigo’s Unwritten OGN, Tommy Taylor and the Ship That Sank Twice, gets a trade version. I have the hardcover and really enjoyed the story.


  • IDW is publishing another great looking Artist’s Edition with Archie Goodwin’s and Walt Simonson’s Manhunter (among other) stories.
  • Also from IDW is the next John Byrne Star Trek: New Visions issue, “Time’s Echo”. I am loving these photo-manipulation comics.
  • Terry Moore is giving us some more Strangers in Paradise goodness in the form of an all-ages kids type book with SiP Kids. Order it.
  • While Fatale is ending soon, Image is continuing its relationship with Brubaker and Phillips with their newest series Fade Out. Brubaker and Phillips is a combination that makes me hand my money over.
  • Dynamite’s Terminal Hero seems interesting, but that interview with Peter Milligan turned me off of the series.
  • Steampunk Battlestar Galactica 1880 Dynamite? Really? Let me point out two things wrong with this concept: steampunk and the reference to Galactica 1980. ;)

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