RandoMonday: Superman/Batman #9

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Superman/Batman #9 by Jeph Loeb (writer), Michael Turner (artist), Peter Steigerwald (colorist), Richard Starkings (letterer), Tom Palmer (assoc. editor), and Eddie Berganza (editor)

This is part 2 of the “Supergirl from Krypton” story where Kara Zor-El was introduced back into DC continuity since she was killed in Crisis on Infinite Earths. Batman continues to be highly suspicious of this new strange visitor from another planet, while Superman is much more accepting. It doesn’t help that Krypto attacks Kara, and that Kara can’t seem to recall even her own mother’s name. Darkseid, of course wants Kara (where this story eventually goes, and the resulting “dark” Supergirl would go on for years). But first, Harbinger, Artemis, and Wonder Woman show up to take Kara from Superman.

I really enjoyed this title for as long as I bought it, but I also recall not caring for the dark Supergirl stuff that comes in later parts of this story. Of course, seeing Clark and Bruce interact from opposite points of view is why I collected this series in the first place. This was also my first real exposure to Michal Turner’s art, and I’m still not a big fan. I noticed, too, reading through this issue again that he didn’t like to do backgrounds, preferring large panels to do superhero portraits, which is cool if that’s what you like. He did do a pretty nifty drawing of Krypto in this issue, however.

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