RandoMonday: Teen Titans (1996) #15

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Teen Titans (1996) #15 by Dan Jurgens (Story & art), George Perez & Mary Stucker (finished art), Gregory Wright (colorist), Digital Chameleon (enhancement, whatever that means), Richard Starkings & Comicraft/LA (letters), Dana Kurtin (assoc. editor), and Eddie Berganza (editor), with “a very special thanks to Phil Jimenez” (whatever that means)

Out of the 25 issues of this series (24 + an annual), this is the story that I remember, and how could I not? You have these new Teen Titans, led by a de-aged Atom, teaming up with the original Teen Titans. The story involves Mr. Jupiter, and as long-time Titans fans know, Mr. Jupiter has a history with the team. This issue also drops a couple bombshells on us, namely — SPOILERS!!! — that Lilith (now Omen) is Jupiter’s daughter, and the death of Joto, one of the better, if underused, characters from this incarnation of the team. And as you can see spotlighted on the cover is the first in continuity appearance of Red Arrow, or at least the costume. The issue also has via illusions cast by Jupiter’s son Jarrod (aka Haze) a plethora of New Teen Titans villains, including the Fearsome Five, Deathstroke, Brother Blood, and Trigon, among others, so that was kind of neat to see, if pointless. Joto’s death was handled with an appropriate amount of melodrama and pathos, but read the next issue for the aftermath (that’s the title as presented on the cover). I remember being disappointed that this group of Titans came to such a premature end.

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