RandoMonday: Buffy, Season 8 #9

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Buffy tVS, Season 8 #9 by Brian K. Vaughan (script), Georges Jeanty (pencils), ANdy Owens (inks), Dave Stewart (colors), Richard Starkings & Comicraft’s Jimmy (letters), Heidi Fainza (designer), Sierra Hahn (asst. editor), Scott Allie (editor), & Jo Chen (cover)

I hate it when the randomizer gives me the middle or end parts of a story to write about, and this time is no exception because here we get part four (the ending) of a short run by Brian K. Vaughan. This was a pretty good tale featuring Faith and Giles off on an adventure to, ultimately, help Buffy and the Scoobies. Mr. BKV’s talent as a writer of kick-ass stories is is so evident on the page in this issue. There are moments that can only have come from BKV’s mind because you can see that it isn’t Jeanty that is delivering those crisp, emotional beats in other issues (he was the artist during this season and the next). Anyway, this story in some ways sets up what later becomes the Angel and Faith series some years down the road. Plus, we get to see a little bit of the bad-ass “Ripper” Giles (talk about a storyline that is ripe for the picking!). A pity BKV couldn’t be writing Buffy more–perhaps I’d like the series more than I do.

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