Sex Criminals: One Weird Trick

Sex Criminals tpb v1: One Weird Trick by Matt Fraction (writer), Chip Zdarsky (artist), with Becka Kinzie and Christopher Sebela (color flatting–who knew there was such a thing?), Thomas K (editing), and Drew Gill (production)

The first trade collects issues 1-5 of this wonderful series. I’m not sure why I chose not to order the singles when they were solicited–probably because I was buying too many titles already. Well, I should have dropped a DC book instead and got this. I devoured this book, it was so much fun. Such smart, witty writing and characters, and the art and storytelling is playful and inventive, but the color work in this is just superb. Yes, there’s sex and a lot of sex talk, but this is really a caper story, and a treatise on human connection. I love this book, and you will too. In fact, I’m going to start ordering the monthly comics and go back and buy the issues collected here–I don’t want to wait months to find out what comes next.

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