Favorite tv shows: Star Trek: The Next Generation (1987-1994)

Well, this is a big one. It’s funny hearing others talk about this sequel to one of my favorite shows of all time because they talk about ST: TNG as I used to talk about the original series.What’s funny is that despite my great love of Trek, I couldn’t watch this show regularly until it was well into the first season–thank you very much syndicated television.  Despite a rocky start (seasons 1 and 2), once the Borg showed up and transformed Picard into Locutus, and Riker gave that command to fire at the end of season 3, everyone was a fan, even those who would scream to the high heavens that Kirk was a better captain. But seriously, take everything that I love about Star Trek and throw in all those wonderful characters, not to mention the brilliance of Patrick Stewart’s acting (c’mon, did you not see “The Inner Light”?!), how could I (and you) not love this show? And the series finale is the best out of anything I’ve ever watched.

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