RandoMonday: Robin III: Cry of the Huntress #2

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Robin III: Cry of the Huntress #2 by Chuck Dixon (story), Tom Lyle (pencils), Bob Smith (inks), Adrienne Roy (colors), Scott Peterson (asst. editor), Denny O’Neil (editor), and Stuart Immonen, Bob K. LeRose & Mike Zeck (cover)

Robin has long been a favorite character of mine, whether it was Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, or Damian Wayne occupying the costume. So when DC started publishing Robin mini-serieses, I was ecstatic. This issue, part of the last set of mini-series before Tim Drake got his own ongoing (and before Nightwing did, iirc, which never sat well with me), features Tim basically screwing everything up. He’s lied to his dad and Batman, and was unable to save a girl from being kidnapped by the KGBeast not her father from being murdered by the Russian assassin. Not to worry though, because Huntress shows up to help, but seems a little miffed that Batman hasn’t told Robin about her. She agrees to help Robin, however, in exchange for…? Probably a favor to be collected down the road, I’m sure. The issue ends with Tim being called into his high school councilor’s office, where he’s asked if Bruce Wayne is abusing him. Why? Because of the cuts and bruises he comes to school with–way to go Timmy.

This was not my favorite mini of the three. I recall being annoyed at Huntress (keep in mind that I haven’t read this series since 1993), and Tom Lyle’s and Bob Smith’s faces all pretty much had the same round look to them. I am really curious, though, why DC put the effort into three mini-series before they pulled the trigger on an ongoing. Regardless, if you’re a Robin fan like me, you can probably find these issues (they’re not collected as far as I know) pretty easily.

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