New Comics Wednesday 4/16/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, a few other new releases, plus some news.

New Comics this week

  • BACK ISSUE #72: It’s the Robots issue, featuring some of my favorite comic book characters such as Metal Men, Red Tornado, and the Vision!
  • BATMAN #30
  • BATMAN AND WONDER WOMAN #30: I’m so looking forward to this team up.
  • BATWOMAN #30
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE #29: How did this happen. Justice League was the first book of the New 52 and it’s an issue behind?
  • SEX CRIMINALS TP VOL 01: I finally get to find out if the product lives up to the hype.
  • SINESTRO #1: Well, I guess we will see SInestro again, despite his assertion to the contrary. :) I have loved Sinestro since Johns remade him in Green Lantern, especially in the storyline that launched with the debut of the New 52.
  • UNWRITTEN: APOCALYPSE #4: I sure hop emy LCS has this waiting for me. I had to pull #2 off the shelf last time I was in.

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

Also Released This Week

  • BRAIN BOY TP VOL 01 PSY VS PSY: This collects issues #0-3 of the first Brain Boy mini. I read those issues expecting something pretty cool. Unfortunately, that isn’t what I got.
  • ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN TP VOL 01: The first five print issues of this out of continuity series is collected. If you like Superman, you should definitely check this out.
  • DAYTRIPPER DELUXE ED HC: If you missed out on this wonderful limited series, I highly suggest you pick this up.
  • RACHEL RISING TP VOL 04 WINTER GRAVES: This concludes the first story arc of the series. Read it and be amazed.
  • TRANSLUCID #1: I really wanted to order this (and actually thought I had), but I guess I had decided to get the trade because I like the sound of the premise:


  • So, not only does Dick Grayson survive Forever Evil (despite what DC was hinting at in #6) and the cancellation of his own Nightwing series, we now know that he will be returning very shortly in Grayson, where he becomes an agent of Spyral. I am intrigued, but wonder about the longevity of this premise.
  • Holy cats! I love what Marvel did to tie in the events of Captain America: The Winter Soldier into Agents of SHIELD. That was a fun and tense hour of tv.
  • Speaking of tv, I hear that Scalped is being developed for WGN America. I guess I better get to reading those trades sitting on my shelf.
  • My “winner” for Most Looking Forward To in 2014 category during the Best of 2013 podcast episode was Grant Morrison’s Multiversity project. Well, apparently, we’ll be seeing it come this August! Yay!
  • Finally, Amazon is buying ComiXology. As I quipped on Twitter: Good news, spawn of satanesque, or meh?

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