New Comics Wednesday 4/9/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, plus some news.

New Comics this week

  • ALL NEW X-MEN #25
  • ASTRO CITY #11: Also available this week is the Shining Stars tpb, featuring some issues of Astro City that I’ve never read, so I’m not quite sure how I missed preordering this trade. Also out is the first hard cover collection of the Vertigo run, Through Open Doors.
  • BATMAN ETERNAL #1: The first of the post-New 52 weeklies arrives!
  • COFFIN HILL #7: A stand-alone story with a creepy looking cover. Please give this series a shot if you haven’t already, or give it another. Just read it, ok?!
  • DAREDEVIL #1.50: Celebrating 50 years of ol’ Hornhead!
  • EAST OF WEST #11
  • IRON FIST: LIVING WEAPON #1: I’m really looking forward to reading this.
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 #5: A good, only two more issues of this dreck.
  • ROYALS: MASTERS OF WAR #3: I’ve only read issue one so far, but I’m digging this so far.
  • SUPERMAN/WONDER WOMAN #7: After last issue’s explosive (heh) finale, what will happen next?!

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.


  • Oh, hey, I can read Inhuman #1 after all since I’ll be getting Amazing Spider-Man #1. How do you like that Marvel is giving you two comics in one to entice you to try something else? It hasn’t worked on me … yet.
  • In the next move in the DC NOW! initiative, er, I mean … umm, Teen Titans is relaunching this July with writer Will Pfeifer and artist Kenneth Rocafort, and featuring much of the same cast as before. What?
  • First, Afterlife with Archie is a hit, and now they’re killing the titular character off in a heroic way? What have I been missing all of these years in Riverdale?!
  • Finally, Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar may become a motion picture? I’d much rather watch that than the Guardians of the Galaxy (I’m going to end up eating those words, aren’t I?).

3 thoughts on “New Comics Wednesday 4/9/14

  1. alwaysthebigspoon April 11, 2014 / 7:23 am

    Nothing for me this week except for late shipments: TMNT #32.

    Was tempted to reserve Batman Eternal #1 and especially All New X-Men #25. I read that Max Wittert’s “Jean & Scott” is in it. If I had cash, I would definitely buy that issue just for “Jean & Scott.”

    As to Teen Titans, I’m guessing this is how DC will handle relaunches of dead/cancelled titles? (Bring back Demon Knights!) I wonder how their trade numbering will work. It would be confusing with a simple thought about it but I’m pretty sure they’ve got if figured out (I damn hope they do).


    • Eric P. I. April 11, 2014 / 10:42 pm

      I second your call to bring back Demon Knights! That was one of my favorites from the New 52 launch. As far as the Teen Titans go, I am very skeptical about the new series. Thanks for the comments!


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