RandoMonday: Red Lanterns #3

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Red Lanterns (2011) #3 by Peter Milligan (writer), Ed Benes (penciller), Rob Hunter (inker), Nathan Eyring (colorist), Carlos M. Mangual (letterer), Darren Shan (assist. editor), Brian Cunningham (editor), and Benes, Hunter, & Eyring (cover)

That’s quite the evocative, if gross, cover. Benes is the king of cheesecake, er, bloodcake (?), after all. I only bought the first six issues of this series. I really liked the idea of a Red Lanterns book, especially one written by Peter Milligan, but it just didn’t work for me. However, what is introduced in this issue–Bleez gaining back her intelligence to “help” Atrocitus rein in his anger-management issues group–was the one part of this small run that I remember being interested in. The issue left off with a great promise: was Bleez already (or even perhaps before the events of this issue) manipulating Atrocitus? A pity I never saw this to fruition. In between the covers we also get a bit of a back story on Bleez, and a B-story involving some Earth men dealing with their rage issues (I think one of them ends up becoming a Red Lantern).

I wanted to mention the art of this book because while Benes’ art is nice to look at, I really think that Rob Hunter and Nathan Eyring really sold this issue. Eyring especially, because there’s an awful lot of red in this book, and yet it doesn’t feel overpowering. Also, when we do get other colors, Eyring doesn’t hit us over the head with them, which is something I might actually expect him to do so as not to have so much red!

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