RandoMonday: Swamp Thing #10

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Swamp Thing (2011) #10 by Scott Snyder (writer), Francesco Francavilla (artist & colorist), Travis Lanham (letters), Chris Conroy (assoc editor), Matt Idelson (editor), and Francavilla with Nathan Fairbairn (cover)

God, what a creepy story. This is one of those comics where I simply don’t know who to attribute its success, Was it the script, the artist’s interpretation, or some combination that made this issue so good? We basically get Anton Arcane’s take on Abby’s “origin” or “true nature”, including a wonderful pull-away shot of Abby as a baby focusing on a fly on her rattle, only to reveal on a splash page her dead, rotting mother, and baby Abby was responsible! And then there’s Arcane narrating the story for us and for Swamp Thing as he lay rejuvenating in the swamp, with Arcane depicted in our and Swampy’s face. The story and art mesh so well here. It’s a pity most comics aren’t like this.

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