New Comics Wednesday 3/5/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, a few other new releases worth mentioning, and some news.

New Comics this week

  • DRUMHELLAR #5: My last issue. It was a different protagonist and storytelling, but really not going much of anywhere for me.
  • EARTH 2 #21: I love the Dr. Fate featured cover. There is just something about that costume design that I love. I just wish the plot of this series would get going. The title certainly lost some steam once Robinson was off the book.
  • FAIREST #24
  • FOREVER EVIL #6: DC is promising the final fate of Nightwing. I am excited and nervous at the same time.
  • MOON KNIGHT #1: I’m really, really interested in what Warren Ellis will do with one of my favorite Marvel characters.
  • REVIVAL #18
  • UNCANNY X-MEN #18: Cool cover, yes? Does any else think the way that Cyclops’ face is drawn that he looks like Bradley Cooper?
  • VELVET #4: The cover is featured above–look at the remarkable drawing that Steve Epting is doing.

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

Also Released This Week

  • VEIL #1: I am so sick of comic tag lines beginning with: [character] doesn’t remember who he/she is and how she/he got there…. I swear I’ve read some variation of that generic description in at least 3-4 comics in the last few months. Still, I’m intrigued because it’s Greg Rucka. I’ll likely pick up the trade.
  • HAWKWORLD TP NEW ED: I’ve heard over the years how good this series is, so maybe I should have preordered this?
  • X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST HC: Money grab.


  • So, after DC’s weekly Futures End comes another weekly title in October. But before that, we get more lenticular covers for monthly comics tying into the Futures End story. Yay! Hey DC, the 90s called…oh, forget it. All snark aside, I am very interested in these weekly series (even if my wallet isn’t) IF they turn out as good as 52.
  • DC and Robot Chicken are teaming up for another special, called Villains In Paradise. It debuts on April 6. If it’s at least as good as its predecessor, I will be pleased.
  • Emerald City Comic-Con 2014 released its full schedule. I noticed that there is a podcasting panel (a first, I believe), and on the ECCC Tumblr, they referenced the new COSPLAY IS NOT CONSENT signs, and added “Please ask if you’d like to take someone’s photo, don’t be a cosplay creep!”.

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