Immortal Iron Fist, the Complete Collection v1

I bought the first Immortal Iron Fist, the Complete Collection volume 1 based on the positive feedback about the series, and Iron Fist has always been one of my favorite not A-list Marvel characters going back to the early 80s when I was reading my friend Greg’s issues of Power Man and Iron Fist. Fast forward to last weekend when I was compiling my comics order for the month and I saw the second volume of the Complete Collection solicited. Of course, I wondered if I should by it (the completist in me said yes), so I decided to start reading volume one. WOW! This series certainly has lived up to the hype over the years. I’m only up to issue 9 and I am loving it! I hope I end up enjoying volume 2 as much as I am enjoying the first. Check out this trade.

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