JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time

Did you know about this movie? I didn’t until the other day when I’m reorganizing my DC movie collection by release date (you know, as you do) and couldn’t recall if Green Lantern: First Flight came before or after Wonder Woman, so I went to Wikipedia and saw that JLA Adventures: Trapped in Time was listed as having been released on January 21, 2014. WHAT?! I said to myself, and apparently aloud so that my wife could hear me. How could I have missed this? I told her. And a Target exclusive on top of it?! We were just at a Target the week before! Drats! Anyway, jump to now, and I brought this home.

Compounding this lack of notification on DC’s part (of course I blame them, why do you ask?), is that this story features the Time Trapper, Karate Kid, and Dawnstar! If I had known that this movie was coming out, I would have been very excited to see the Legion of Super-Heroes being represented (finally!) in a DC animated movie. Notice too that Robin is shown on the cover (always a plus), and while Superman is sporting his New 52 outfit (though with the Man of Steel S), Batman still has his shorts. Wonder Woman’s uniform looks pretty cool, too.

I have a feeling this skews to a younger audience than normal for DC’s animated line; regardless, I can’t wait to watch this with my girls.

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