New Comics Wednesday 2/19/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, a few observations, along with some recent news bits.

Alex + Ada #4

New Comics this week

  • ALEX + ADA #4: I’m really digging this series.
  • BATWOMAN #28
  • DAREDEVIL #36: Final issue @ $2.99. Because you a-holes out there demanded it (according to Marvel ad copy), I now have to read DD for $3.99 when it restarts. Thanks a lot.
  • FEDERAL BUREAU OF PHYSICS TP VOL 01: I missed out on this in singles, and I hear it’s good.

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

Also Released This Week

  • WE3 TPB: A new printing of an awesome story by Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely. Duh!
  • REVIVAL TP VOL 03 A FARAWAY PLACE: If you’re waiting for the trades with this series, here’s another stellar collection.
  • JOURNEY INTO MYSTERY BY GILLEN TP VOL 01: Man, I wished I had preordered this.
  • LOKI RAGNAROK & ROLL #1: I love the title and the idea that Marvel doesn’t have exclusive rights to Norse mythological characters. I remember when Neil Gaiman brought Thor and Odin into Sandman–it blew my mind!


  • Gillen and McKelvie’s The Wicked and the Divine gets a June release date. I cannot wait to read this series.
  • Apparently, Gail Simone is writing Wolverine, and the Internet went apeshit. For some reason.
  • Remember Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends? We get a reunion of sorts when the three characters will appear in Amazing X-Men #7.
  • Finally, the first teaser trailer for Guardians of the Galaxy was released yesterday: I was excited to this movie.

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