RandoMonday: Ravagers #0

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Ravagers #0 by Howard Mackie (writer), Ian Churchill and Norm Rapmund (art), Hi-Fi (colors), Dezi Siente (letters), and Ian Churchill and Peter Steigerwald (cover)

As you can see, this issue of the short-lived series Ravagers was part of Zero Month at DC Comics. It focuses mainly on Gar Logan and Tara Markov, aka Beast Boy and Terra, and tells us how they were “stressed” into their powers via Harvest’s manipulations. That’s pretty much it. I never liked the whole Harvest/Colony set up that launched the New 52 Teen Titans and was continued in this title–call me pollyannaish, but I don’t like stories where anyone, let alone children, are tortured. And while I miss the green Gar Logan, I did like how they tied the New 52 version of the character to the Red–that actually made a lot of sense.

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