RandoMonday: Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #21

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #21 by Mark Waid and Tony Bedard (script), Barry Kitson (layouts), Adam DeKraker (pencils), Rob Stowl (inks), Nathan Eyring (colors), and Barry Kitson (cover)

I really enjoyed the other reality nature of this Legion relaunch by Mark Waid. The Barry Kitson art didn’t hurt either. One thing Waid didn’t shy away from was redefining the relationships that old-time Legion readers were familiar with (I’ve heard that the Rebooted Legion did the same thing, but I’m not as familiar with that era), one of which being the Dream Girl/Brainiac 5 relationship that is spotlighted in this issue. Dream Girl is dead, or so everyone but Brainy thinks, and he tries to bring her back, but her body disappears in his attempt to revive her, yet he still can hear her talking to him. She also appears to him (and no one else), leading us to believe that even this version of Brainy will go crazy. What is really interesting though about this relationship is how loving Dream Girl is to Brainy, and how accepting he is of it.

Another plotline in this issue is the continued assertion by Supergirl that she is dreaming this part of her life up, including the Legionnaires, which they don’t particularly care for. I thought this aspect of the title went on way too long, plus, this Supergirl was different from the Supergirl that we were reading at that time in every other comic. I’ve always wondered why Waid took the approach he did to her character–maybe it’s as simple as that he didn’t care for her portrayal elsewhere, or perhaps I’m projecting.

The art this issue, while not bad, wasn’t Kitson enough, though DeKraker and Stull do a fairly close interpretation over Kitson’s breakdowns.

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