RandoMonday: FF #5 (2011)

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

FF #5 by Jonathan Hickman (w), Barry Kitson (a), Paul Mounts (c), VC’s Clayton Cowles (l), and Mark Bagley, Andy Lanning, & Paul Mounts (cover)

This is the issue that Sue finds out that Reed wants her dead. Wait! No, that would be the other dimensional version of Reed, the one who prefers brunettes (the idiot). Actually, this is the one where Sue gets Reed to tell her about the Council of Reeds and how he has brought together the Fantastic Four’s greatest enemies, including Dr. Doom, to combat his other selves. This is, of course, after an other Reed shoots Sue in the face. There’s some other stuff that goes, but really, this story is all about Sue in my mind, and how she is lovingly drawn by Barry Kitson (if somewhat inconsistently from issue to issue). It is because of Kitson’s work on this series that I obtained my one and only (to date) piece of original art at the Emerald City Comicon (2012). I really enjoyed this series.

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