Preparing for the Best of 2013 Show!

For the last few years on the podcast, I have done a Best of show with my cohost Travis. This year is no exception, and Travis and I are hard at work processing our nominees for the Best of categories. In case you wanted to compile your own list and share it with us, here are the categories for a very near in the future broadcast:


  • Ongoing
  • Limited series
  • Single issue (of a title, a one shot, or trade)
  • Artist (can be a penciler, inker, or colorist)
  • Writer
  • Cover
  • New character (hero, villain, or anyone)
  • Moment


  • Most missed
  • Sleeper/Surprise hit
  • Cancelled before its time
  • Most anticipated for 2014

You can email your selections to Since we also plan to do a live Google Hangout of this Best of show, I’d love it if I could share your nominees as we go through ours. Details are, as they say, forthcoming on exactly when the show will be broadcast. For those of you who are audio biased, I will release the podcast version of the show shortly after the live show is published. Stay tuned!

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