New Comics Wednesday 1/15/14

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’ll be getting from this week, some other recommendations, and some recent news bits.

Best cover of the week from my list of comics

New Comics from this week

  • COFFIN HILL #4: Again, this is a pick of the week for me (technically, it comes in second place).
  • JUSTICE LEAGUE 3000 #2: Boy, something (or a lot of somethings) better improve or I am done with this turkey.
  • ALEX + ADA #3
  • VELVET #3
  • ALL NEW X-MEN #21
  • HYPERNATURALS TP VOL 03: This riff on the Legion of Super-Heroes ends its run with this collection. It’s too bad. I really enjoyed reading this series in trades. This is my pick of the week.
  • SIXTH GUN #37

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.

For Your Consideration

  • CREATURE COMMANDOS TP (DC): Somehow I missed preordering this trade featuring classic horror movie monsters battling Nazis in WWII! How can you not like that premise?
  • INJUSTICE YEAR TWO #1 (DC): I have no desire to read this, but apparently it’s very popular.
  • TEN GRAND TP VOL 01 (Image): I jumped on this mostly for Ben Templesmith’s art, but then he left the book after a few issues. Still, an interesting premise.
  • MIRACLEMAN #1 (Marvel): The reprints of one of the seminal deconstruction of superhero works from the 80s begins! I have the original issues from when they were published (except for the last two Gaiman issues), but I plan to get the hardcover omnibus when Marvel publishes that.
  • THOR GOD OF THUNDER TP VOL 01 GOD BUTCHER (Marvel): Please, go buy this and read it. You won’t be sorry.
  • LIL BATTLESTAR GALACTICA #1 (Dynamite): If you like those Art & Franco Lil’ Tiny whatevers, here’s a Battlestar Galactica version. I may pick this up off the comic book shop shelf.


  • DC is really going out on a limb (or a tentacle) and will be publishing TWO! Aquaman books starting in April with the publication of Aquaman and the Others, written by Dan Jurgens, with art by Lan Medina and Ed Tadeo.
  • The Ant-Man movie will get two of the comics’ Ant-Men in the form of Michael Douglas as Hank Pym and Paul Rudd as Scott Lang. Yeah, I didn’t care either.
  • More news about Gotham: apparently, the series will focus on James Gordan, but also track Bruce Wayne’s life from about age 12 through the series end when he puts on the cape. Also, big-name villains from Batman’s rogue’s gallery may appear as well.
  • The new Flash creative team plan to bring back Wally West. So, Wally will be back, Stephanie Brown is coming back in Batman: Eternal, so can Cass Cain be far behind? (And will fans at conventions now curtail their demands that DC bring back [insert favorite character here]?)
  • Vertigo plans a quarterly anthology series called Vertigo Quarterly: CMYK, and will feature a plethora of writers and artists.
  • Finally, DC will be publishing a series, called Secret Origins, that focuses on the beginnings of the DCU heroes. I’ve only wanted this very thing since the New 52 launched. I will be buying this.

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