RandoMonday: Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #335

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Tales of the Legion of Super-Heroes #335 by Paul Levitz (w), Steve Lightle and Larry Mahlstedt (a), John Constanza (l), Shelby Eiber (c), and Jerry Ordway (cover)

This story finds the Legionnaires pictured on the cover taking on Khund assassins attempting to kill various people who have been chosen to run for President of EarthGov. So, a pretty standard story featuring the Legion. Also, and more interestingly to me, Cosmic Boy announces his hiatus from the team (he calls it a vacation, but from what I recall, it was the precursor of his stepping away from the Legion and his brother taking his place. Finally, I also liked the section with Colossal Boy just hanging out with his girlfriend Yera and his parents, and he’s wearing civilian clothes that look so very much like his Silver Age, green, red, and yellow costume–it was a nice throwback.

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