RandoMonday: Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Before Watchmen: Silk Spectre #2 by Amanda Conner & Darwyn Cooke (w), Amanda Conner (a), Paul Mounts (c), Carlos M. Mangual (l), and Joshua Middleton (cover) (I actually have this cover, but I like the Middleton variant better.)

I really enjoyed this series (and no, I have no desire to get into the whole DC fucked over Moore and Gibbons debate). This issue has Laurie out on her own, away from her domineering mother, but still managing to take after her in her nocturnal Silk Spectre activities. The issue ends with Laurie having been drugged and in the “lair” of the bad guy she was hunting.

This was one of the better Before Watchmen series, mostly because of Cooke’s hand in the storytelling (his Minutemen series was the best of the bunch) and Conner’s art. She can make distinctive looking people and creative panel progression at times, though I got lost at times when the focus was on action sequences (but that may be more my fault than Conner’s). I don’t know if the Silk Spectre costume design was Conner’s (and is much better than the one we see in Watchmen), but she beautifully rendered it in this issue. I’d love to see more comics featuring her as artist.

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