Favorite TV Shows: Miami Vice (1984-1989)

What style this show had, and for a while, everyone seemed to love the style of the show before it became too popular and then it was dismissed and parodied everywhere (hell, even Friends did a funny bit on the rolled up sleeves and the wicker shoes). But for a few short seasons, it was the shit as far as cop shows goes. It was the first show that I recall that used modern, popular music that I was listening to, as well as performers that I grew to like because of the exposure the show gave them.

And then there’s the hip coolness of Crocket and Tubbs. The quiet seething that was Castillo. The sometimes comedy of Switek and Zito. The fact that Gina and Trudy didn’t get enough air time. The cars! I loved the sound that Crocket’s gun made, and that when he got a new gun, the sound was different! I remember sitting in front of the tv watching the season one finale and the announcer came on to tell us that because of our support, Miami Vice would return next season—I was ecstatic. Like all things around 1987-88 (when I got my first serious girlfriend), I lost track of the show in its final years, but I still get a kick out of hearing Jan Hammer’s theme, and I am transported to my youth when my best friend and I would drive around town listening to Phil Collins’ “In the Air Tonight”, calling each other Crocket and Tubbs. :)

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