RandoMonday: Batman and Robin #6

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Batman and Robin #6 (2009) by Grant Morrison (w), Philip Tan (p), Jonathan Glapion (i), Alex Sinclair (c), Patrick Brosseau (l), and Frank Quitely (cover)

The great Grant Morrison team of Dick Grayson as Batman and Damian Wayne as Robin take on a crazy Red Hood and his “Robin”, the facially deformed Scarlet. Well, really all of them take on the giggling killer known as Flamingo. Seriously, the guy never says anything, he just giggles, such as when Red Hood shoots him and when Scarlet makes a slice on his head from jawbone up. The only thing that shut him up was … well, that would be spoiling it, wouldn’t it? Along the way, however, crazy Jason Todd has defeated both Batman and Robin, stripped them, and put them in front of a webcam. He then tells the good people of Gotham that if they want to show that they trust in Batman no longer (and to see him naked), they need only call this number to activate a webcam. Of course, the Dynamic Duo are able to get free and dressed, just in time for the camera to come on, and tell the viewers, “Batman and Robin say … get a life!”. Heh. This is the Grant Morrison I love: high octane wit with a touch of nostalgia.

The Philip Tan art, while effectively moody for a Batman title, was a bit jarring after coming off of the first few issues that featured Frank Quitely, but at least we get a Quitely cover. Tell me that all that pink doesn’t stand out in comic book shop shelving?

If you haven’t read the entire run of the Batman and Robin series (both volumes, pre- and part of the New 52 line up), I encourage you to do so.

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