Insider Podcasting

Since I was just in my LibSyn account adding the latest LBR podcast, I was looking at my stats and thought I’d share a few insider podcasting tidbits with you.

Did you know that the Longbox Review podcast is heard in 26 countries (maybe more–these are just the stats since I moved hosting over to LibSyn)? Besides the US, the top four countries (based on number of downloads), in descending order, are Canada, United Kingdom, China, & Australia. C’mon Brits, you’re not going to let the Canadians show you up, are you? :)

The top regions for downloads are California (by a long shot), followed by Ohio, Texas, Unknown (gotta love that stat), Maryland, & Idaho! I was really surprised by how many people in Idaho listen to the show. I know I’m their homeboy and all, but still. The top region outside the US was Ontario, Canada.

Speaking of the USA, the top US markets are Unknown, San Francisco/Oakland/ San Jose, Cincinnati, Spokane (yay! Locals represent!), & New York.

So, what do listeners of the LBR podcast use to consume the episodes? No surprise here, but the top “user agent” is Apple apps/iTunes. Next comes from those who use Androids. For some reason, I was kind of surprised that the next two were browser consumed (Mozilla/Firefox and Internet Explorer). I also found it interesting that the Zune listeners outnumber the Stitcher listeners. Finally, there are now 9 others (it was just 2 for the longest time) out there who use the Shifty Jelly Pocket Casts app to listen in (it’s the podcatcher that I use).

And finally, the top five podcasts from recent data are:

I want to thank everyone who listens, whether you are a long-time listener, you’ve just started listening, or you’re somewhere in-between. You are all awesome in my book.

Remember, you can find the Longbox Review Comic Book Podcast on iTunes (please rate and review!), the Comics Podcast Network, Stitcher, and of course here.

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