RandoMonday: Birds of Prey (2010) #4

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Birds of Prey (2010) #4 by Gail Simone (w), Ed Benes & Adriana Melo (p), Ed Benes & J. P. Mayer (i), Nei Ruffino (c), Swands (l), & Alina Urusov (cover)

My friend Travis often spoke very highly of the Birds of Prey series that preceded this one, so when DC announced that they were relaunching the series post-Brightest Day AND that Dove was going to be in the book, well, I had to buy it. This issue is the last part of four (not really–the characters and set up from #1 continue on in the next issue) featuring a new character that has Black Canary running a little bit scared: the White Canary. The “B” story has Barbara in a precarious situation, but Ms. Simone deftly turns the premise on its ear, and instead of Babs who looks as if she will be pushed in her wheelchair from a very high point becomes the one who saves the person we thought was going to kill her. And Dove punches out the Penguin.

The Ed Benes art (with assistance) is lovely to look at, even if his work is highly cheescaked. There was a particular panel that I loved giving us a flashback to Dinah’s childhood where she’s flying around in Starman’s arm, next to Alan Scott/Green Lantern. I always hoped we see more of these remembrances in future issues, but alas, the New 52 relaunch would arrive soon enough and change everything.

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