New Comics Wednesday 11/27/13

Happy New Comics Wednesday! Here are the comics that I’m getting this week and a few bits of news from the last week.

New Comics

  • ALL NEW X-MEN #19
  • AQUAMAN #25
  • BEDLAM #10
  • BLACK SCIENCE #1: New sci-fi comic, but from Rick Remender, a writer whose work I have not been that excited about in the past.
  • HAWKEYE #14
  • INFINITY #6: The latest Marvel event ends. This has been a wild ride from Hickman and company.
  • LETTER 44 #2
  • NEVER ENDING #1: This is a new three-issue mini series from Dark Horse with an interesting premise.
  • REVIVAL #15
  • SAGA #16
  • SANDMAN: OVERTURE #1 SPECIAL EDITION: I had to see the J. H. Williams III work divorced from inking and colors.
  • STAR TREK #27
  • SUPER #3: This little experiment comes to an end for me.

Go here for a complete list of comics releasing this week.


  • Next Spring, Marvel will relaunch Moon Knight with Warren Ellis writing, with art by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. Moon Knight has long been one of my favorite lower tier Marvel heroes, and Ellis can be highly entertaining, so I’ll be checking this out.
  • Similarly, Daredevil will be back in a new number one, and Mark Waid and Chris Samnee will be back with him. I’m not liking the idea of moving him out to L.A., however. For some reason, moving our New York-based heroes to the West never seems to work out.
  • Geoff Johns ends his run on Aquaman with issue #25. That’s too bad. Johns’ Aquaman was pretty consistently good, and helped established how bad-ass this character can be. Without Johns’ attached to the title, will a cancellation soon follow?
  • Bendis and Oeming are at it again, this time with The United States of Murder Inc., coming next year. Of course I’m interested (as long as it doesn’t look and read like another Powers), but I hope a fairly regular schedule can be met, given how many other projects these two are doing.
  • Finally, Artist Al Plastino died at age 91. He was the artist of many Silver Age stories that I read in DC digests over the years, including the introductory Legion of Super-Heroes story from Adventure Comics #247, and the first appearance of Supergirl.

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