RandoMonday: Legion of Super-Heroes #311

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Legion of Super-Heroes #311 by Paul Levitz (w, co-plotter), Keith Giffen (p, co-plotter, cover), Gene Colan (p, second story), Larry Mahlstedt (i, cover), John Costanza (l), & Carl Gafford (c)

The destruction of the Legion HQ! The return of Computo! The new, improved Legion HQ … and Computo?! Ha ha! Brainiac Five finally cures Danielle Foccart of the Computo infestation that has plagued Invisible Kid’s sister since Legion Annual #1 (1982), but not before the Legion HQ is destroyed (How many times did that happen? It seems like a lot.). But Brainy pulls a fast one on Computo, and reprograms it into rebuilding the HQ and conscripting his old foe into service as the Legion’s concierge.

This was was the time in Keith’s art style that I did not care for … at the time. It was too loose and blocky for my taste–I think this was when Mr. Giffen was starting to channel his inner Kirby. By the time the 5YL Legion book came out, I was okay with it.

The second story in this issue, drawn by Gene Colan, has a Dawnstar/Wildfire focus, where Dawnstar is off on a quest to find her soul-mate. Wildfire, of course, goes after her to apologize for his behavior in a previous issue, and to wish her luck in her search. Dawnstar comes to realize that her “soul mate” has been right in front of her all along. Aww.

Continuing my distaste for the art in this issue, I never really cared for Mr. Colan’s work either … back then. Now, I can appreciate his skill–Dawnstar was never more beautiful in all of the Legion’s run than in this story, especially in a few panels as she and Wildfire talk about their feelings for one another.

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