RandoMonday: New Deadwardians #6

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

New Deadwardians #6 by Dan Abnett (w), I.N.J. Culbard (a & cover), Patricia Mulvihill (c), & Travis Lanham (l)

I love it when a comic surprises me. Such was the case with this 8-issue limited series. When I first read the solicitation, my first thought was Ugh. Another zombie book? Followed very closely by Double ugh! With vampires?! Boy, was I wrong. Misters Abnett and Culbard crafted a unique look at the zompire subgenre. The Edwardian setting is brilliant, and the art is so strikingly different from anything that I had seen at that time (and still see).

As far as the story, Chief Inspector George Suttle, a young vampire out to solve the murder of another young vampire (if memory serves), continues his investigation, and ends up trying to question a suspect when he is outmaneuvered and is about to fall prey to some bigoted humans who don’t care that he’s a copper. There are a couple memorable scenes, one in the beginning of the book (that I refuse to spoil) involving a breakfast conversation and zombies at a fence, and another involving a very perceptive and sassy prostitute (do I have your attention yet?)–do yourself a favor and go buy the trade.

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