RandoMonday: Gilgamesh II #1

Here’s a cover image chosen at random from my collection.


Gilgamesh II #1 by Jim Starlin (story and art), Steve Oliff (c), and Todd Klein (l)

When I think of comic cosmic, I think of Jim Starlin. His association with Captain Marvel, Adam Warlock, and Dreadstar are often overreaching, but are nothing short of a spectacle. In 1989, Starlin brought a sci-fi retelling of the Gilgamesh epic in a prestige format limited series to DC. This first issue (of four) tells us the origin of the beings that become known as Gilgamesh and his “brother” Otto, with the reveal at the end that Gilgamesh is not quite who he appears to be. I recall that I enjoyed this series, but wasn’t quite sure why Starlin was retelling the Gilgamesh story in his way without really adding anything to it (other than mashing up Gilgamesh, Superman, and Stranger in a Strange Land). Nor was there any real trippyness to the miniseries that usually is found in Starlin’s cosmic work.

I did, however, enjoy his art, for the most part. Starlin tends to draw really, beefy male characters with almost Popeye like forearms, but it works for me. I also like his robots, and the general humor he throws in for good measure.

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