RandoMonday: Brave and the Bold (2007) #12

Here’s a cover image chosen at random from my collection.

Brave and the Bold (2007) #12 by Mark Waid and Jerry Ordway (story), Bob Wiacek (i), Tom Smith (c), Rob Leigh (l), with George Pérez (cover)

This comic was one of my favorite team-up books of all time because the team-ups weren’t restricted to one main character with a guest star. This book started out with a couple characters and then expanded as the story dictated, following threads set up by Mark Waid in issue 1. This issue concludes that long arc and starred Superman, Green Lantern, the Challengers of the Unknown, and Ultraman, with guest appearances by Supergirl, Power Girl, Metamorpho, and Firestorm, and cameos by Wonder Woman, Flash, the Teen Titans, and Destiny (intrigued, aren’t you? Admit it!). In the end, the bad guy is defeated, though not without a heroic sacrifice (which in the end turns out to be a bit of a hollow one) and a dire portent being issued about a coming crisis (a house ad refers to Final Crisis), though it seemed to me like that was kind of shoe-horned in.

I really enjoyed Mark Waid’s stories in this series and was sad to see him depart the book. Also, I missed George Pérez’s artwork (he began this series), despite the nice looking cover he provided. Jerry Ordway does a fine pinch-hit, however. If you haven’t read this short-lived series, I highly recommend you read the first two trades.

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