Snapshot … Robin Costumes

I posted a fan’s redesign of a Steph Brown as Robin costume some time ago, but there are plenty of others! Because I love Robin so much, here’s a look at some costume designs (warning: graphic intensive). To start off, here’s the classic design as drawn by the wonderful George Pérez.


Here’s another look at the classic costume as rendered by the great José Luis García-López:


Of course, DC had to differentiate between the Robins of Earths 1 and 2, so the original Robin had a more-Batman-than-needed inspired look:


Fortunately, Neal Adams came along and redesigned that turkey into this:


Years later, other artists submitted their redesigns:


Unused Robin costume designs by Norm Breyfogle, Stephen De Stefano, George Perez, & Jim Aparo–drawn by Tom Lyle (found on

But wait! There were Robin Rooters out there in readerland who wanted to try their hand at designing Robin’s duds.





Here are a few designs from readers that were published in Detective Comics #481, and are pictures I took from my copy of that issue. That comic may have been the first time that I encountered different costumes for Robin, and I thought that was pretty nifty. So much so, I started designing my own outfits for the Boy Wonder. I may share those in a future post.

Robin_brown Robin_green


When Tim Drake donned the tights as Batman’s partner, he looked like this:


Then for some odd reason, they took away the green:


Grant Morrison then dared to bring Damian Wayne into regular DCU continuity, and this is what we saw:


Finally, DC’s New 52 couldn’t be complete without a new look for Robin:


And, for good measure, here’s the New 52 Earth 2 version:


I’m sure that there a ton of designs out there, so if you know of any others, please let me know. I’m partial to the classic look, of course, but I also like the Neal Adams redesigned Earth-2 Robin and the first Tim Drake outfit. If we could mesh the designs from Detective Comics #481 so that the red and yellow suit had the banded gloves and boots, that might look pretty cool. What’s your favorite Robin costume, either from those shown above or from some other design?

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