RandoMonday: Lucifer #72

Here’s a cover image chosen at random from my collection.

Lucifer #72 by Mike Carey (w), Peter Gross & Aaron Alexovich (a), Daniel Vozzo (c), and Jared K. Fletcher (l), with Michael Wm. Kaluta (cover)

This is near the end of this wonderful and underappreciated (dare I say it’s the ugly stepchild of The Sandman?) series, and a second part of a two-part story. In this issue, our hero, Lucifer, is moving on from his role as the Lightbringer, the Adversary, and passing on his mantle to others. In fact, this story takes place after Lucifer has apparently supplanted Yahweh as the Creator of the Universe. Much of the story is about Lucifer’s relationships with three specific women, and Lucifer manages to upset or downright piss off all of them, just before he leaves this reality to forge a new path.

And look at that Michael Kaluta cover. I love his work.

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