RandoMonday: Star Trek #6

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Star Trek (2011) #6 by Mike Johnson (w), Joe Corroney (a), John Rauch (c), and Neil Uyetake (l)

The Star Trek series that followed the 2009 movie ended its first six months with the third two-parter based on an original series episode. I always enjoyed “Operation: Annihilate!” episode because we got to see Captain Kirk’s family, if only for a moment. Here, in this issue, that moment is fleshed out considerably as George and Jim talk about their history and estrangement. It was a wonderful piece of character building that we never got on the tv series. We also get to see Spock and Nyota talk about Spock’s risk taking, something that also gets some screen time in a scene from Star Trek: Into Darkness. While there aren’t any surprises plot-wise, it was still fun to read these classic tales with the new movie universe spin on them.

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