RandoMonday: Legends of the Dark Knight #5

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Legends of the Dark Knight (2012) #5 by Joshua Hale Fialkov (w), Phil Hester (a), Eric Gapstur (i), Jim Charalampidis (c), and Saida Temofonte (l)

This title is such a joy to read. Out of continuity Batman stories that don’t always feature Batman in the lead role (which I love–we need more of those). Case in point, issue #5 is told from the point of view of Slam Bradley, the former star of Detective Comics back in the day.

Warning: Culturally insensitive material

This story was a hoot. Poor Slam gets framed for not one, but two murders during the course of this issue (and implicates himself in a case of arson), with Batman at first trying to bring Slam in for the first murder, and then helping him escape police custody after the second frame job because Batman now knows that Slam is, of course, innocent. There’s a nice blend of action and hard-boiled detective storytelling, with a dash of humor thrown in for good measure. Hester and Gapstur’s art really enhance the mood of the story, partly by evoking a noirish feel.

Do yourself a favor and pick this title up if you haven’t. You can get it in print, as I did, of course, digitally (and every Thursday for new issues).

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