RandoMonday: Hellblazer #113

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Hellblazer (1988) #113 by Paul Jenkins (w), Sean Phillips (a), James Sinclair (c), and Clem Robbins (l)

Having just perused this issue after not having read it for 16 years, I really want to read this five-part story (“Last Man Standing”) again, especially the next and last part in part because I do not remember how this ends. That last panel showing John shrugging off the big bad’s threat to kill John’s current love or the unborn child of a friend was a tad chilling.

Sean Phillips is a great Hellblazer artist. The art is moody and dark, and there’s a two-page dream sequence where the panels are a bit wobbly on the page and don’t take up the whole page, adding to the effect. Paul Jenkins uses a lot of internal monologue in this issue, and while I usually have an issue with that (the use of this device tends toward too much telling and not enough showing), here’s it’s put to good use considering the inner turmoil that John s going through, not to mention the needed exposition to get the story moving forward.

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