RandoMonday: Nightwing (1996) #6

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Nightwing (1996) #6 by Chuck Dixon (w), Scott McDaniel (p), Karl Story (i), Roberta Tewes (c), and John Costanza (l)

I have to be honest: the Dixon run on Nightwing  is not my favorite. Not that Dixon didn’t tell some interesting tales, but for the most part, this series was a bit meh for me. And I never cared for McDaniels’ style. However, Dixon had a gem amongst the coal bin in a few-page spread involving a lovely conversation between Dick and Tim (who came to visit). In it we are treated to the differences between Tim and Dick in their roles as sidekick to the Batman. Despite this being Nightwing’s book, this is really about Tim as Robin, and it’s a good conversation that I recall liking back then. Dixon really hit this one out of the ballpark.

Robin: We’re not the same kind of Robin.

Nightwing: What’s that mean?

Robin: You’re a natural athlete. I have to work at that. …

Nightwing: You’re more cerebral. You’re better at the computer stuff.

Robin: He’s got Oracle for that. And I’d trade my computer literacy for your street-smarts in a hot minute. And I’m not half the detective you are.

Nightwing: Funny. In a lot of ways I think you’re the better partner for him. … You complement him more.

Robin: … all I ever wanted to be is his partner.

Nightwing: Hey, I volunteered for the “Robin thing” too.

Robin: No. He invited you. I invited myself.

Nightwing: Are you saying I didn’t want to be Robin as bad as you do?

Robin: You wanted to be a hero. I’m happy being Robin. … I don’t plan on taking over for him someday. … I do my shift as Robin and then go back to a “normal” life. That’s why there’s always friction between you two these days.

Nightwing: Why?

Robin: You’re different. But you’re also way more alike than you’ll ever admit. Either one of you.

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