RandoMonday: Legion of Super-Heroes #8

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Legion of Super-Heroes (1984) #8 by Paul Levitz (w), Steve Lightle & Larry Mahlstedt (a), John Costanza (l), and Carl Gafford (c)

This issue was quite the hodgepodge of plots:

  1. The group of Legionnaires shown on the cover are on a Controller world in limbo that is a sun-eater manufacturing plant. They decide to destroy the planet for the good of all.
  2. Cosmic Boy’s conversation with Night Girl about him leaving the Legion. (Bad idea, Rokk. Just sayin’.)
  3. Another group of Legionnaires who are tracking down the Legion of Super-Villains from the first story arc (a great story, btw).
  4. And the attempted murder of Laurel Kent.

Of course, juggling all this stuff was what Paul Levitz did so well back then. Most comics I read now would never attempt four stories in one issue, yet back then I had no problem following what was going on. The Lightle/Mahlstedt art was good, though a sharp contrast to what Keith Giffen had done in the previous storyline. Overall, a good enough issue getting us further along in the story.

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