RandoMonday: The Answer #1

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Huh. I just talked about issue #3 of The Answer in a recent review video, and here comes #1 from the randomizer (and the second #1 issue in a row to boot). I’m not sure why I decided to buy this series. Maybe it was the quirky superhero on the cover–I mean, come on, he’s got an exclamation point on his face! Maybe it was because I had been reading Mike Norton’s other really cool series, Revival. Regardless, I was pleasantly surprised when the protagonist of the story turned out to be the female lead, Devin. In fact the Answer is really a supporting character, which is a weird way to tell a superhero story whose title is named after the superhero, right? And yet it works! While the mystery of who the Answer is and why he’s helping Devin is interesting, it isn’t nearly as interesting as Devin herself. She’s shown to be smart and capable, maybe even a little more so than the titular character! This is a slightly odd but satisfying series, so if you’re looking for something just a little different in the capes and tights landscape, check this out.

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