RandoMonday: Buffy, Season 9 #1

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

I love Buffy. I love the television series, I love the character, I love the actress who portrays Buffy. I love the stories and characters and themes. “The Body” was one of the best hours of television ever aired. But. But the comic book continuation of the tv series? Sigh. Not so much. There have been some good stories, but the overall arc of the “seasons” thus far have been disappointing. The ending of season 8 was ballsy but not well executed and in season 9 we are getting the fallout of those events, but I don’t feel connected to any of the characters anymore. Part of that is the characters aren’t acting in character. Part of it is that there isn’t a cohesive team (yet?). We’re getting close to the end of this season, and I fear that I may not return for season 10.

Having said that, this issue was a nice, if somewhat clunky, narrative showing us a Buffy who, after having saved the world yet again, but having lost Angel (again), and more importantly, Giles, is blowing off some steam, all while in the shadows a bad thing is coming for Buffy. Unfortunately, the ending of the issue is such a bad joke for the set up I cringed a second time when I flipped through the book for this review. I love Joss Whedon’s television, but not his comics (this issue was written by him). Probably the best thing about this issue for me was the Jo Chen cover. In fact, the subsequent Steve Morris covers for the rest of the series are also very good, and so much better than the interior art (seriously, Dark Horse, get someone else for season 10–Jeanty is ok, but I want someone else to draw Buffy).

Wow, that was a bit harsh overall, don’t you think? It’s just that I care a lot for this franchise and want the comics to be better than they are.

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