RandoMonday: America vs. The Justice Society #4

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.


The final part of the romp through the Justice Society of America’s Golden Age past and beyond. The set up is quite convoluted with the dead Batman accusing the JSA of treason, but in the end turns out to be a way to capture a criminal. It’s explained away as Bruce Wayne being mentally unsound because of cancer, but his “Batman persona … found a convoluted way of letting the JSA prove themselves” as not guilty of the crimes. I guess. Still, the romp through history is quite fun, even if you–like I–hadn’t read all those stories. However, I had read enough to be thrilled when I did recognize a story being retold. There were also a few mentions of things that were going on in Infinity, Inc. that I was reading at the time.

This was one of the JSA’s last hurrahs before Crisis on Infinite Earths and then The Last Days of the Justice Society ended most of the JSAers’ time in the then DCU (of course most of them would return over the years). Now we just have to be content with the younger versions of the JSAers in James Robinson’s Earth 2. Man, I miss the “old” DCU.

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