RandoMonday: Tales of the Teen Titans #45

Here’s a comic chosen at random from my collection.

Again I have to question the randomizer. Last time it chose Titans #45, and this time, well, you can see. Anyway, in this issue we see Aqualad and Aquagirl return to the pages following the classic and well-loved “Judas Contract” arc. Gar is still so very angry over Terra’s betrayal and death. Vic has some interesting grandparents who drop in, and Wally is ticked that no one told him about Terra. I believe that this issue contains the first appearance of the T-sub as well (as the Titans stage their assault on H.I.V.E.). Finally, Terry Long has his bachelor party with Dick in attendance, and one of the best scenes of this series is when Candy Spice, buxom party favor, claims that she can make Terry and Dick change their minds about only ever needing their respective women. To which both men respond with a hardy “Ha ha ha, hah, hah, ha, ha, ha, ha, hah” (I’m not sure which man laughs with the “ha” or the “hah”)!

Mike DeCarlo joins the team as Finisher, and the change is noticeable, but not distracting nor bad in any way–just different. I remember being so excited about the Titans at this time. Dick was now Nightwing, the “Judas Contract” was one of the best stories I’d read up to that point, and the so-called Baxter edition of the New Teen Titans had just started (and was freaking awesome!). It was good to be a Titans fan in May, 1984.

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