Comment Spam

Some of the comments I get here are from spammers who, and I will give them credit for this, actually post something that appears relevant to the topic at hand. The first few times I fell for it and approved the comments (fyi, I approve all comments, which is why there is a lag between when real readers post a comment and when it shows up on the blog), only to find out later that the comment was not genuine. Now when I get a comment that looks related but is off a bit, I search for a line or two of the comment to see if it has been used in other blogs or forums. And it’s not as though the spammer is actually making stuff up to try and get “in” (though I don’t understand that part either)–he is ripping off other people’s comments (or snippets thereof) posted in other blogs or forums.

However, a recent spammer has hit a new high/low (either way) that I found extremely funny: instead of leaving another person’s words, the spammer plagiarized my words from one of my own posts! In fact, the comment was left for the very same post from which he took the words! Talk about lazy. Or dumb. Or both. Dear spammer: you just might be nominated for next year’s Bonehead Award in the LBR podcast‘s Best of 2013 awards.

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